Thalass dresses the table with the lightness
and the transparency of glass plates

My name is Alessandro Di Rosa. I live and work in Modica, a pearl in the south-east of Sicily, a town rich in history and tradition. For the last twenty years, I have been artistically transforming glass in my handicrafts workshop.

This website is a presentation of my Thalass collection. Thalass, Greek for the sea, represents transparency and light of both glass and sea. The glass pieces represent and are reminiscent of the ocean, shimmering in the light, giving pleasure to the eyes of that look upon it.
Whilst creating this collection, I considered that food is very much like a journey through the senses.

Food is not just a mixture of tastes but also a combination of odors, fragrances and visuals. The dining experience involves our senses to nourish them.

Creating the Thalass collection has been much more than just the production of a line of plates, rather more, it is glass tailoring, encompassing lines and curves, colours and shapes. Food is served like a boat sliding over the wide expanse of sea.

The collection is dedicated to those who consider food an art form, the platter appealing to the visual side of this art, the pathway to a gastronomic revelation.

Glass workshop

It takes approximately 48 hours and two firings to take a single Thalass piece out of the kiln

The process is lengthy because each piece is created as a unique and exclusive design article. Every piece is transformed by hand,working a glass called Float, adapting raw material and combining with light, eventually producing a work of art that has a practical use.
This hand-crafted series uses specific methods, materials and glazes, combined with firing at a high temperature, to render the glass coarse, stronger in colours, a shinier finish and a stronger resistance to water.
The Thalass line meets hygiene and sanitation standards. All tinting takes place within two glass sheets, therefore, avoiding contamination.
There is the option to personalise the pieces according to everyone’s taste. It is possible to adapt the shape, the colour, even the delicate texture of the glass, while maintaining functionality for daily use.

Glassware: for chefs, for home kitchen, to reuse ideas and materials

Transparency and light. Depth and texture. Beauty and functionality. Sea and glass

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